College & Career Counseling


"Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

-Ramana Maharshi

All students are supported in their transition from Know Thyself School into the next chapter of their of their lives. The relationships and mentorships that have formed ensure that all of our students are uniquely supported in what they intent to embark on after KTS. Although there is no formal evaluation process, any student who chooses to apply to a college or university upon graduation generally needs to take the SAT or ACT. In order to acquire the skills and information necessary to feel confident taking the test successfully, the student may elect to study independently, study with other students, or ask for help from staff.  Colleges and universities willingly accept students without transcripts and are not penalized for not having one. Students who intent to begin establishing their careers are provided with mentors, apprenticeship and other additional resources to ensure interdependence.

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Know Thyself School is a not for profit organization, that prohibits discrimination against and harassment of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.