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Why is play and curiosity important for children?

Curiosity is Play is Children are

What if my child doesn't want to participate in an activity?

What will my child learn if they are not forced to learn?

Is my child free to do what they please?

What if my child avoid particular activities?

What can I expect my child to learn?

What does a day at KTS look like?

A day at Know Thyself School is multi dimensional. As teachers and staff, we hold the awareness and responsiblity that children are to be guided and supported in self directing their life and learning. They are spiritual by nature. We are responisible for supporting every childs unique needs and interests. At KTS children engage in a mulititude of activities that display the interconnected relationship between academic subjects. Children build, write, calculate, observe and problem solve all within a project they have created. Children are master creators and are lead by curiosity and engaging in play. At KTS children are children. They sing and dance, smile and cry, hug and push, read and write, build and destroy, sleep and run, climb, argue and compromise and so much more. Subjects teachers support are guided and driven based upon staff and students interests and in the moment needs and goals of children. Academic Subjects

Why is agency and democracy important for children?

Why is restorative justice important for children?

Why is spirituality important for children?

If there are not any test or grades how can I ensure my child is getting a quaility education?

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