Historical Reference


"Know Thyself" was the axiom that was known to have be written above the entrance of Egyptian temples and the Temple at Delphi in Greece. Historically, Greek philosphy was derived from many of the famous Western philosophers who had travel to Egypt and studied under temple priests and scholars. The phrase, later popularized in Plato's writing about Socrates. In The Apology, Plato explains that Socrates claims to know nothing. Through this claim, Socrates,' friend, Chaerephon asks the Oracle of Delphi who is the wises man. The oracel re reference of the axiom above Temple at Delphi and. The encouragement of self-realization is a perennial references of many philosophies, religions, science and psychology.


Through out all civilization the encouragement of personal development, self-awareness, ethics, values and truth have been referred to by the most respected scholars. In our current education system opportunity for introspection and inquiry are limited although it is the foundation for a satisfying and meaning

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