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Students at Know Thyself School are given the unique opportunity to take their education into their own hands. Students are trusted and supported in their endeavors and are encouraged to follow their interests and get to know themselves better. By giving students the freedom to choose their daily agenda, they are able to discover how to satisfy their needs and what intrinsically motivates them to thrive and be happy. Student motivation, engagement, and application increases while resistance, defiance and power struggles decreases. KTS students graduate with a deep sense of self awareness, personal responsibility, and excitement for life and learning.

Know Thyself School allows all students to individualize their day and create a curriculum based upon their curiosity and interests. Curriculum is divergent, open-ended, rigorous and as infinite in variety as the students are. Students have a variety of materials and resources to help facilitate their learning as staff assist students toward best avenue for their learning whether it be solitary, with a peer, group, staff member or mentor.  By students being able to advocate for their own learning, they will discover their strengths, weaknesses to accomplish their goals and confidence to approach new challenges with optimism. 
















Through observation and experimentation, students test a variety of ideas and behaviors to discover what works and what doesn’t work for them. Staff and other students model examples and possibilities, offer organic feedback as friends and equals, and allow for opportunities to consolidate growth through sharing information, conversation, and experience. Students at KTS freely associate with others of all ages, based on attraction, shared interests, and circumstance. Constant and intense interactions, accelerate the transmission of knowledge, culture, values and technology, providing students with new inspirations, perspectives and challenges. 


Students at KTS learn about many aspect of the world and themselves. They will learn to ask for what they want, and see to it that they get it. They will learn to ponder ethical questions and express their ideas, beliefs and opinions in a constructive manner. They will learn how to concentrate, cooperate and be interdependent. They also will learn how to try something and succeed, and they will learn how to try something and fail at it and have the discernment to try again with a refined plan or to move on. 


Self-selected and self-directed whole activities, rather than subjects isolated for out-of-context study leads to high motivation and retention of learning. These activities are pursued along multiple lines of development, i.e., cognitive, physical, moral, logical/mathematical, spatial, musical, etc. Students freely seek and find stimulation in a broad range of activities and social possibilities. 


Age-mixing foster high-efficiency exchanges between cultural partners at slightly different stages of growth. This often leads to a functional apprenticeship where a novice and an adept pair up. The novice gains knowledge, skill, and pleasure. The adept deepens mastery, gains a worthy colleague, and rises in social standing and self-esteem. 








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