Truth & Reconciliation Committee


The School’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC) is a branch of the school’s democratic government that maintains the freedom, honesty and cooperation and safety of all members of the school. The function of the TRC is inspired with many other successful examples of methods to reconciling peace, justice and trust. All data is recorded through the Truth and Reconciliation Committee Complaint Form and Report. 

Any student or staff member who experiences a violation of a School agreement, can files a complaint with the Truth and Reconciliation Committee. Every complaint  is documented and kept on file as a record of all student and staff behavior. The reports can be used to evaluate progress and to review for determining precedence in violations and facilitate the smooth functioning of the restorative process. Staff and students are equal members of the TRC and hold one vote in all areas of responsibility. Reflecting due process and fair treatment of all, the TRC maintains and reinforces the objectives, values, and laws of the School to ensure the safety, freedom, and support to all members.  The Truth and Reconciliation Committee is responsible for addressing all matters of infringement and enforce reparations.


The TRC requires assigned staff and students to meet everyday to insure all issues and improvements are handled with urgency and importance. Following a structured agenda with specified roles, staff and students conduct the TRC to allow each member of the school’s community to be respectfully heard and addressed by the TRC with their findings and conclusions. TRC meeting can range from 15 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the attention needed to a matter. Reflecting society's democracy allows students to develop the understanding of the justice, fairness, interdependence, compassion and forgiveness. The TRC holds strong ideals in self-reflection and personal responsibility and forgiveness and restitution. 






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