Universal Spiritual Laws


At Know Thyself School, we know that children are biologically spiritual. The foundation of all knowledge and creativity is derived from a guiding intelligent force that is in and as us all. Spirituality is an invitation for children and families to build a relationship with themselves and others as an aspect of the source of love. This is not a religious or dogmatic coercion to convince children to believe particular beliefs, but a direct experience with the mystical nature of life, joy and love. Throughout the centuries, religions, cultures, philosophies, literature, mathematics, and sciences have explored and reflected on the wisdom of self actualization and the nature of reality. Spirituality is a resolution to conflicts, pain, suffering and trauma and invites love, forgiveness, empathy, compassion, unity and peace .

Heading 2

Spirit is the self-existent, energetic cause of all life. 
Spirit is infinite mind, eternal life, and ultimate reality.  
Spirit creates and expresses through A universal mind.
everyone has freedom and agency.
Spirit expresses through each of us the degree in which we are able To accept.
our mental states; intentions, beliefs and thoughts create our conditions and reality.
the nature of Spirit is unity, love, health, truth, freedom, beauty wisdom and peace.
The divine nature of spirit is our birthright to accept and express.

"Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation. 


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